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​ Hello Everyone, My Name Is Tanna Alonza And I'm A Very Different & Profound Spiritual Reader. I've Been Called Mind blowing, Profound, Unique, Off The Chain & Raw Dog because Of my Style Of How I Convey My Psychic Ability On Readings With Clients. I Have 23 + Years Experience. I'm A 3rd Generation Gifted Intuitive On Both Sideds Of My Parents.  I Read Via In Person,Telephone & Skype Or Oovoo.com.  I've Been Told By Countless Others That I'm 98% Accurate. I'm Always Receiving Confirmations By My Large Clientele. I Read Past, Present, Future Forecast/Predictions, Previous Generations, I Can Read 6th Etc. People Through You. I'm A Gifted, Intuitive, Psychometrist, Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, A seer, Prophetess, Remote Viewer, Tarot Card Reader, i Read A Regular Deck Of Playing Cards, Angel Cards, Prosperity Cards, Chinese Cards, Russian Cards Etc, I Read Tea Leaves, Coffee Grounds, Food, Water, Candles, I Do Scrying, Automatic Writing, Palm Reading Etc.. I Consult On Love/Romance/Relationships, Money, Finances, Career, Corporate Readings, Job, Relocation, Home, Academics, School,  Health Scans, Legalities, Court, Forensic, Couples, Dream Interpretations, I Do Spells, Rituals, White Magic, Some Santeria & Witchcraft. I Work With Herbs, Roots, Powders, Oils, Incense, Candles, Flowers Etc.  And I Make Many Recipes And Kits Also. I Give Answers & Solutions. I've Worked With And For Law Enforcement, working On Cases For Cold Cases, Missing Persons Etc. My Clientele Consist Of But Not Limited To: Professional Musicians, Pro Athletes, Vocalist, Band Members, Composers, Arrangers, Models, Actresses, Directors, Authors, Corporate Agents, Exotic Dancers, Lawyers, Doctors, Corporate Executives, Politicians, Religious Icons, Social Workers, Nurses, Motown Hittsville Artist, Porn Stars, Other Psychics And The List Goes On.. I Teach Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Fundraisers, I Do Lectures & Tours. I Have Appeared On Numerous Television & Radio Shows and Had My Own Radio Show For 3 Years On Blogtalk Radio Where I Hosted & Read for Callers And Listeners While Broadcasting Live On Air.. I Also Received Countess Confirmations On My Predictions..I Was On My Own Radio Network At The Time My Radio Show Was Called "The Mind Blowing Tanna Alonza Show"  Before That I Was On Another Network And My Show Was Called "The Profound Tanna Alonza Show" I Have 12 1-800 Phone Number Extensions Where I Read People Globally And They Pay Per Minute..  Thanks For Your Time.. Stay Blessed  Tanna Alonza

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